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You must be a registered user on our website to participate in the auction. If you have not already registered, we suggest you use: ; to create a minimum 10-character password that includes symbols, numbers and upper and lower-case letters. The password generator, we have found, saves a lot of time and possible frustration. We suggest you write that password down IMMEDIATELY and save it for future reference somewhere else, where you can find it later. You can register at “My Account”.

You must be logged in to bid.

Some items will feature a minimum value, also known as a “reserve”, that is required before the item can be sold. In these cases, it will state on the product page whether that minimum has been achieved or not.

Bidding increments can vary between $1 and $10 depending on the value of the item(s).
That stated, you can (if so desired) place a maximum bid for a particular item. If you do so, you will only pay that maximum amount if someone bids above your previous bid. For example, that item might currently be at $20, with a $5 bid increment. If you wanted, you could bid $50. But in this case, it would only take the bid $5 ahead to $25. From that point, you would be the high bidder at only $25 and you would have another $25 in your reserve bidding account that would automatically kick in ONLY if someone bid up to $45 later. By the same token, if someone then bids $55, unless you increase your bid at that time, you will lose out. If you still want to be in the auction, you would need to raise your minimum bid. The point is, the increments will proceed as in this example at $5, compared to if the item was bidding at $20 and you bid $50. Immediately after your $50 bid, it would reflect the new value at $50.


Winners will get an email notifying them of the item(s) they won during the auction. You Must Acknowledge Receipt of your confirmation email by clicking on the link provided and, from there, continue the checkout process as you would any other item. Failure to provide payment within 36 hours of your winning bid can result in your forfeiture.

Additional Shipping Costs – In some cases, due to the size of the products, additional shipping costs may be required about and beyond the table rates featured on our website. This is due to more reasons than dimensions. There may be only one of this type of item — often they are valuable and irreplaceable items. Additional packaging, insurance and signature confirmations are required and paid for by the purchaser. If for any reason the purchaser who wins an auction fails to pay these additional costs, Stevens Magic has the right to refund him all the payments and cancel fulfillment. These additional costs for shipping will be provided to you prior to shipping and, while we will try to inform you when such additional costs will be required, we are not required to do so for each item. Failure of our stating that on the product page does not eliminate your responsibility to pay these additional costs, should they be necessary.

Please do not send us emails asking us what the reserve prices for the items are. We are not in a position to provide that information.

We do our best to stagger the closing times of various items in the event that one person is interested in several of the pieces being offered. We can therefore have a better opportunity of monitoring them.

All auctions’ sales, for a variety of reasons, are FINAL. We do our best to provide actual images of the products you are going to bid on and employ a third party outside of Stevens Magic – Bill Trotter — to help confirm their validity.

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