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Empire Color-Changing Knives

Empire Color-Changing Knives

Originally called the Enardoe set, these are available again after all these years! The traditional set of color-changing knives used in the 30s, 40s and 50s. Some called the “African Blow Knives” because they only open or close when the performer blows on them. Simple, strong ad effective. A knife changes color several times, disappears […]

Bar Magic, Volume 49 GMVL (DVD)

Bar Magic, Volume 49 (DVD)

Featuring: Eric Mead, Bob Sheets and Scotty York. Imagine the fun performing behind the bar as a magic bartender. You’ll need to know more than a few card tricks though. In two hours these magicians use their years of experience to show and tell you how to be a success behind the bar. They reveal […]

Juan Tamariz Volume 41 GMVL (DVD)

Juan Tamariz

Now available for the first time on DVD to American audiences-90 minutes with Juan Tamariz. As star of his own TV show in Spain, Juan is loved around the world for his zany personality and unbelievable miracles. But American audiences could only see him on TV or at conventions to experience his magic. Now enthusiasts […]

John Carney, Volume 8 GMVL (DVD)

John Carney, Volume 8 (DVD)

John’s technical skill and creativity have captured him two of magic’s most coveted awards: The Close-Up Magician of the Year and the Second Place Winner of Jimmy Grippo’s Cardician Challenge at the Desert Magic Seminar. He dutifully served his magic apprenticeship with the masters in the art-Dai Vernon, Faucett Ross and Roger Klause. Wonder works […]

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