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Seven Basic Secrets Of Illusion Design (Book)

Seven Basic Secrets Of Illusion Design (Book)

For the serious student of illusion this is the ultimate book from Eric Van Duzer.  With over 170 pages explaining over 90 illusions this tome is the place to start.  Never has there been a collection in one publication giving the secrets, dimensions and concepts behind all the basic illusions plus building and performing tips.  […]

Shift/Shape, by Illusion Arts Magic

Shift Shape

From the makers of the Tesseract Transposition, comes a new effect that features very attractive cabinet with a solid 3-inch block engraved with very a mysterious Celtic design.  A small alter is presented and the engraved block is place inside.  The block has the ability to alter its shape and matching motion to the words, […]

Urban Illusions by JC Sum – Book

Urban Illusions by JC Sum - Book

Urban Illusions is a stunning collection of professional illusion designs from one of the most prolific illusion designers in the world! Besides being one of Asia’s most successful illusionists, J C Sum represents a new generation of illusion thinkers. The book explains 10 cutting edge illusions that are modern in design, building methods and materials. […]

Amazing Dove Box – Illusion

Amazing Dove Box - Illusion

In Stock – Available for Immediate Shipping! This original effect possesses a very new and outstanding concept! The newest fashion in production box that can produce most anything! Produced with a flair for contemporary design, sadly lacking in many pieces today – its brightly contrasted modern look is sure to entice but performer and spectator […]

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