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Nest of Boxes – Walnut – Mikame

Nest of Boxes - Walnut Mikame

There was no question Mikame was a great craftsman of quality wood apparatus.  We knew him personally and when he started producing again featured his products exclusively in the States.  We would meet with him every few years in Japan.  In many cases he made substantial improvements with resepect to their design.  Unfortunately, Mikame (to […]

Brass Nest of Boxes – Viking

Brass Nest of Boxes Viiking

Viking Original brass concept. This beautiful set of finely machined brass boxes will add mystery and beauty to your close-up performance.  Effect: The performer borrows a quarter and has it marked for identification. This coin is now placed in a handkerchief and handed to the spectator for safe-keeping. The performer now introduces a small brass […]

Wonder Coin Box

Wonder Coin Box - Viking

A great utility prop able to make a coin appear or vanish and more. This unique box was the invention of James Swoger with refinements by Viking. Here are two examples of possible effects: 1. Two coins are dropped into the box, a U.S. Quarter and a Nickel. The spectator names one of the coins, for […]

Bill Trotter – A Passion For Antiquity

Bill Trotter

Stevens Magic is proud to showcase the collection of our dear friend and advisor – Bill Trotter. You can enjoy the video link presentation of his collection here.         Bill Trotter became the curator for Joe’s collection in 2001; however, his relationship with the Stevens family began over thirty years ago. Bill […]

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