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3 DVD Bundle – Herb Zarrow on the Zarrow Shuffle, The Brick Pass, The Side Steal. – Estate


The Zarrow Shuffle is the ultimate false riffle shuffle. Now Herb Zarrow explains the details and secret techniques that make the Zarrow Shuffle undetectable. No matter how many riffle shuffles you give the deck, you maintain complete control of all the cards. The Zarrow Shuffle is the most deceptive false shuffle ever created and one […]

Revelation (Caveney) (Book)

Revelation (Caveney) (Book)

Author: Dai Vernon, Description: 392 pages measuring 9 x 11.5 inches Hardbound with dust jacket, Published in 2008 It’s not what you think. Produced from Mike Caveney, this is not a reprint of our 1984 edition of Revelations, Dai Vernon’s legendary annotations for The Expert at the Card Table by S.W. Erdnase. This new, over-size […]

Roger Klause – Between The Lines


Columnist: Roger Klause BETWEEN THE LINES GeMiNi Column Roger Klause April 1, 1997 "To understand the importance and monumental contribution to the advancement of sleight of hand with playing cards, one must read between the lines." … Dai Vernon re: THE EXPERT AT THE CARD TABLE –Erdnase "It is just as important to consider the […]

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