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Magic Cookie Box – Syouma

Magic Cookie Box - Tejinaya

Another winner from Nagoya Japans, Tejinaya – Syouma! Incredible Price Point! The key to using classic ideas is bringing them forward, and thinking out of the box! Both of these qualities have been incorporated within this production device – one conceptually and other literally. Literally because the production items do indeed come OUT OF THE […]

Magic Tweet – Magic Latex Blue Canary

Magic Tweet

Adorable! This is the word my wife said when she saw this little Magic Tweet!  No, I’m not referring to a post I made on Twitter.  I’m referring to the amazingly realistic attributes that Felix created with his blue canary!  The yellow canary was the first item from Felix’s quality products, to really gain attention! […]

Holiday Illusions – Paul Osborne BK


This collection of 22 illusion plans taken from the pages of Genii Magazine and themed to the holiday season is a great resource for the performer who wants to add some seasonal flavor to their presentation. Featured are illusions that produce Santa Claus, create a classic Dickens scene, make Frosty come alive, make Christmas trees […]

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