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Strictly Scryer – Richard Webster

Strictly Scryer Book

Here’s a Peek into the next Scryer Project…. The book will be titled Strictly Scryer. It is estimated to be available early to mid March 2014. This book as the title explains will feature only routines and idea’s from Neal Scryer himself…  The book is priced very well because the author and publisher wanted to […]

Rock On – Jon Racherbaumer – Sept 2010


“If you follow all the rules, you miss all the fun.”– Katherine Hepburn “It’s not whether you win or lose. It’s whether I win or lose”– A Wise Guy Spade & Archer Henchman Before Hurricane Katerina blew into the Big Easy five years ago, blowing away in the process Harry Anderson’s “dreamy situation,” he had […]

Rock On – Jon Racherbaumer – July 2010


Connectivity is one of today’s ruling buzzwords. By the time you read this installment, the Essential Magic Conference will be history. This will have been an explosive experiment in “connectivity” and will usher in a new era in how magicians will learn, share, and collaborate. This of course should not suggest that the old-style magic […]

Rock On – Jon Racherbaumer – May 2010


ROCK ON#4May – 2010 Old-timers are told they have too much free time. The chide goes something like this: “After all, how long does it take to refill prescription drugs, walk your dog, locate misplaced objects, restring a yo-yo, read your local Ring Report in The Linking Ring, and reconstruct the 21-Card Trick?” They are […]

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