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Ferret Flash Table – Omar Ferret

Ferret Table - Magic Production Table

SME Exclusive!  Forget about the Appearing Cane – Welcome to the Appearing Table!  Over 40 years in the business, we at Stevens Magic have seen a lot of magic tables, but Omar Ferret’s latest is truly something we have never seen before. The Ferret Flash Table (FTT) is an appearing table that truly could be the […]

The Book of Destiny – Larry Barnowsky (Book)

The Book of Destiny - Larry Barnowsky (Book)

The Book of Destiny is a collection of magic effects with cards, balls, coins, rings, and unique apparatus explained in step-by-step detail in 44 chapters and illustrated with over 760 photos. The 368 page hardcover text has material for beginners, intermediates, and advanced performers. A 2 hour companion DVD is available that provides performances and […]



The Classics of Magic Buyers Guide to the Linking Rings By Joesph Capaul On a recent trip to a magic shop, I had the opportunity to observe two boys on a mission to buy some magic apparatus. One of the boys was interested in a set of Linking Rings, while the other boy did his […]

Personally Speaking – Mar09


Joe’s Personally Speaking – March 2009 Welcome to a new “Personally Speaking” article by my good friend Pete Biro, (One of the most knowledgeable magic guys I know) and a great supporter as well. Pete was very close to Ken Brooke and was instrumental in advising us in 1982 to pursue the “rights” to the […]

Charlie Miller & Johnny Thompson, Volume 29 GMVL (DVD)

Charlie Miller & Johnny Thompson, Volume 29 (DVD)

Imagine a fun-filled hour spent with two legendary magicians. Time passes quickly as they demonstrate new inventions, recreate time-honored classics and share stories which have shaped magic’s history Contents: Part I – International Cups and Balls Charlie Miller Cups and Balls Routines Hindu Cups* Chinese Cups and Balls Part II – Egg Bag Segment Discussion […]

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