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Tamariz Rabbits (Poker Size) Ken Brooke

Tamariz Rabbits (Poker Size) Ken Brooke

This is a fabulously entertaining routine with a cute story that is played out visually on custom made, super heavy stock plastic cards. Audiences of all ages will love it. Effect: A white rabbit appears in a previously empty top hat. Next a fresh red apple appears and afterwards that same apple is shown, but […]

Juan Tamariz Volume 41 GMVL (DVD)

Juan Tamariz

Now available for the first time on DVD to American audiences-90 minutes with Juan Tamariz. As star of his own TV show in Spain, Juan is loved around the world for his zany personality and unbelievable miracles. But American audiences could only see him on TV or at conventions to experience his magic. Now enthusiasts […]

World Magic Seminar 2011 – Summary Review


World Magic Seminar XXXIV – 2011 A very special thanks to all who attended the 2011 World Magic Seminar – February 27th – March 2nd, 2011 at the Orleans Hotel. This was the 34th consecutive year, by no means a record, but certainly entitled to respect for achieving this amazingly consistency. This year’s primary highlight […]

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