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Hidden Things by Larry Kuehn

hidden thinggs

Imagine a Hidden Collection in a Museum. What are the stories behind the objects? Why were their stories suppressed? Here are only a few of the things that T. Everett Bookings, III and Lary Kuehn unleash in this new book. Did Dr. Dee See Spirits? Opera Star or Murderer? A Taino Amulet That Destroys Evil! […]

Things To Do’ Svengali Pocket Notepad

SvenMagic by Sven Lee

SvenMagic is a preprinted pocket svengali notepad. This ordinary and innocent looking notepad is apparently used to jot down ‘Things To Do’. However, in reality, this little pocket ‘miracle’ packs a punch in terms of many built in magic features. WHAT YOU GET: One SvenMagic pocket notepad and a PASSWORD AND LINK to access a […]

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