Shipping Information for Stevens Magic

Of course, you can always contact us prior to purchase, with the list of items your interested in and your shipping info and we can calculate the costs and generate a multi-option shipping quote for your review.

Domestic Shipping

Table Rates.  In an effort to combat ever increasing shipping rates — while still striving to offer reasonable rates — we have implemented the below table. By doing so  SME will often continue subsidizing some of the shipping costs and sur charges, in an effort to minimize your costs.

Up to $49.99 – $7.50 (minimum ship charge)
$50 – $99.99 – $10.00 (minimum ship charge)
$100 – $199.99 – $12.50 (minimum ship charge)
$200 and up – $15.00 (minimum ship charge)

Important Note: The above charges will apply on the majority of orders. SME reserves the right to choose the method of shipment on table rates.  Important: there are some products due to their dimensions and weights, (including but not limited to), larger props and illusions, where additional shipping costs will be required. In such cases, we will notify you post purchase. This is why the phrase “minimum ship charge” is included in the above tiers.

Expedited Shipping Options: If you wish to expedite your order there will be a competitive upgrade charge depending on the service you select – however – that amount listed is also a “minimum ship charge” based on our average order size and weight.  Thus in some cases (on larger sized boxes), this rate will not be sufficient. While we do our best to subsidize a lot of these expedited shipping costs, if an order falls significantly above the “minimum expedited ship charge” listed on our check out page – we will contact you post purchase to let you know of additional shipping costs.

Available Shipping Upgrades:

Fed Ex – Next Day Air, 2nd Day.

• We process most orders very quickly but please understand, once your package leaves our door regardless of the shipper, we have no control.

• If you would like your order insured you must let us know in the comments section of your web order. Additional costs apply.

• Upgrading to a faster service during the holidays is suggested if you wish to increase the delivery time.

International Shipping

Yes – we ship internationally! For 40 years we have shipped our products all over the world. We are experts at International shipping and know many “secrets” about how to get your package to you safely and with the lowest cost to you.  We offer estimated shipping costs for all international shipments.  Because we specialize in often unique, limited availability and exclusive items, many of the craftsman who provides us these items do not provide us with the shipping data and therefore, we are unable to provide integrated shipping on this site.  If a situation occurs when additional shipping is required we will contact you post-purchase.

On very small orders such a deck of cards or a small coin effect, we provide TBD – To Be Determined shipping as an option. It is marked at $0.00 cost, when you check out because we will generate an exact price for the shipping costs for this order, and follow-up with you.  If you are an international customer that pays using our credit card only merchant account on our check out page – we can add the shipping cost later. We can of course check with you prior to charging is desired.  However, if you pay via PayPal, we would have to send you a follow-up PayPal invoice just for the shipping amount (or additional amount if the estimated amount applied is not sufficient).  Then we would have to wait for you to execute the payment of said invoice.  For these reasons, we encourage International customers NOT to use PayPal especially if they choose the TBD – To Be Determined where we provide a custom quote.  Please note: Custom Quote should ONLY be applied with very small packages.

There are many variables that determine the price of shipping (weights, dimensions, service requested). If you must know the shipping costs before placing the order please e-mail us with the items you are interested in along with the shipping address. We will e-mail back to you the shipping options, companies (USPS, and Fed Ex) and costs.  If you choose to pay for the products you want to reserve them we will quickly get back to you with shipping costs options. We can send you a PayPal invoice for these or charge your credit card.

If you have already worked with us and know we are a family business you can trust, we suggest (if possible) making your purchase using our credit card option (not PayPal).  This is “ONLY” because we have the ability to charge the shipping costs much faster and without having to send you an invoice for the shipping costs. Conversely, if you pay by PayPal, we have to send you an “invoice” for the shipping costs and that can slow things down.

For small packages (under 1.8 kilograms) we suggest either USPS Reg. Airmail with tracking. This is the most economical but takes the longest time (approx.15-25 days). NOTE: Any parcels that weigh more then 1.8 Kilograms, are not eligible for small packet air mail. The most affordable upgrade for any sized package is USPS Priority Mail (approx. 12-20 days with limited tracking).

Fed Ex is also offered and we have extremely competitive rates on smaller sized packages – that often are only a few dollars more then USPS Priority – sometimes the same or less!  Fed Ex is exceptionally fast with Fed Ex Priority service usually arriving in 3-4 business days.  Fed Ex also has complete tracking every step of the way. It is the quickest and safest way to ship products.  At this time, we generate all international costs on a per order basis to get you the absolute best possible price. Thus we will contact you post purchase with the cost, or if you want to know prior, just contact us.

We offer various shipping alternatives, in the event one is down due to software problems, or we are able to offer you a better service for the same price – we reserve the right to make those changes in the interest of expediting your order and/or improving your service at the same costs.

Estimated Shipping Times: (Varies from country to country). The below list starts with the most expensive and fastest options:

Fed Ex – Very Fast 3-5 business days. With FULL Tracking.

USPS Priority Mail – 12-20 days  – with limited tracking information.

USPS Regular Air – 3-4 weeks. (Applicable for packages 1.8 kilograms or less).

We process most orders very quickly but please understand, once your package leaves our door regardless of the shipper, we have no control over delays, customs reviews and inspections.

If you would like your order insured you must let us know at the time you place your order in the comments section. Additional costs will apply.

Terms and Conditions Continued

Please make your selections wisely! Magic is a secret art and once that is learned we cannot issue a refund. If you return an item, you will be provided with a merchandise credit for that amount, subject to the condition of the returned item.


Fortunately, SME has exceptionally low returns for defective products. Yet when it happens, it’s exceptionally frustrated for all parties. It is important to note that if you get a defective item we will do our best to replace or repair it for you as quickly as possible, however we under no obligation to pay for expedited mailing services both in terms of the defective product being returned, an also with respect to us sending you the replacement or repaired item. Nor are we under any obligation to provide you the returned or replaced item by a specific performance deadline. We regret any frustration with respect to any item that is defective, none-the-less, SME is under no obligation to provide a return/replacement prior to the defective item being returned to SME – for repair or replacement.


If you get a defective item, and an authorized return is issued by SME, we will reimburse your return shipping costs provided:

1. You contact us prior to returning the defective item(s) to obtain a return authorization request. Once approved, we will reimburse your cost for returning said item(s) – provided you contact us prior to shipping with the cost for returning the item(s) via the most economical method. Reimbursements will be executed (whether they are for return shipping costs or products), only when such items are returned to us, in the same condition as they arrived to you.

SME will ONLY reimburse shipping costs for returned defective items, if they are sent the most economical way (Domestic, first class or USPS Priority – International Standard Air-Mail Economy, by the respective countries federal postal system).

Do not use premium express shipping service like EMS, Fed Ex or UPS when returning an item. If you do so SME will only reimburse you for the cost of that package under the standard economy rates. That stated it is your responsibility to make sure item is returned to us.

International returns will only be reimbursed provided they are shipped by “regular airmail” using the Federal Post Office services of each respective country.

Please note that any electronic items warranty will be VOIDED if the item is tampered with or attempted to be fixed with any other party.



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