Jumbo King to Queen or Queen to King – Double Cards


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Note: This SKU represents the TWO card purchase – see below about how you can buy “one” card only. Repeat: if you select this product, you will get “TWO” gaffed cards. Either card will allow you to change the face of the cards, anytime you wish, from a King to a Queen, or a Queen to a King.

Finally a jumbo changing card that plays great for parlor or stage that is affordable! Purchase a two gaffed cards and you can get a lot more mileage out of them with additional routines (see below),  or just a back up if preferred.

Sample Effect I(using only one card): Performer invites a spectator up to the platform or stage and announces that they are to select a card that will match the Jumbo Card. The spectator does NOT see the face of the Jumbo Card! The performer ONLY shows the Prediction Jumbo Card to the audience. Then places the card into a brown paper bag, OR just sets it back side to the audience on a chair. Spectator then selects a card from a deck, holds it up for the audience can see. Unfortunately, it does NOT match the prediction shown to the audience!

What to do? The performer brings the Jumbo Card out of the bag or turns it around from the chair. VIOLA! The card revealed has changed to the spectator’s chosen card!

Self-Working, Easy To Do! Yes, most of you know how it works, of course, but never have you been able to buy just ONE of the “GAFFED” cards that does the work for you at such a GREAT PRICE! Cards measure a HUGE 15-inches tall x 10.5-inches wide.

With TWO CARDS, and you can perform a Wandering Royalty or Wandering Lovers routine. Choose a lady and gentleman to help you from the audience. Produce the Queen explaining it will represent her. The man will be represented by the King. You can show these cards freely and even turn them 360 degrees face up (using a simple method). You place the Queen card face down on a table or stand, and then do the same with the King. The audience has clearly seen exactly what card you placed and where. However, to the amazement, when you go to turn over the cards – they have switched! Where the Queen was now there is the King and vice versa. You can once again, turn the cards front side towards the audience 360 degrees if desired.

Note: You can have color-coordinated bags made for them such that after you show the cards you place them inside either the bag or envelope. Then when you remove the card—it has changed from the Queen to the King—or vice-versa. These cards do “not” come with bags or envelopes—this is a value added suggestion.


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