1250+ Year Old Cypress Shaft Magic Wand


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New Collector’s Wand, Museum grade reclaimed Cypress. The shaft of this fine piece has been turned from a Carbon Dated 1250+ Sinker Cypress from the Bayous of La. You will be holding a piece of history that is over a Millennium old! The tips are turned of Gabon Ebony with bright brass inlay bands. Limited Inventory. Here is a bit or research done by Doug Eash on the Cypress trees meaning.

The Cypress/Ebony Signature Series Wand:

The Shaft of this Collector’s piece is made of Reclaimed Cypress Wood that has been verified as being 1,200+ years old! One of the magical properties of Cypress wood is longevity. If one carries it on their person, it is said to give long life and protection. Cypress wood is considered an essential tool in necromancy and carries a Feminine Energy. Cypress wood used when spell casting aids in the longevity of the spell.

The Cypress wood tree is sacred to Apollo, Hera, Athena, Hades, Pluto, Hekate, Artemis, Asclepius, Astarte, Persephone, the sisters of Fate, Cronus, Cybele and Aphrodite. Jupiter carries a scepter made from Cypress wood. The arrows of Cupid are made from Cypress wood.Because of the Cypress wood connection to the afterlife, Ouija Boards made of Cypress wood strengthen the connection to spirits from the other side. Cypress wood magic can be used for healing and protection.

The Tips are of Ebony. This wood draws from the deeper levels of the mind. A powerful wood used for the defense, reversal, and dispelling of dark magic. Combined with the force of all the elements: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water, this is a truly diverse tool. Excellent for defensive magic, Ebony is considered to be the most powerful of the magical woods. It is protective and non-discriminating towards the user. A masculine wood it is the perfect Yang to the Cypress’s Yin.

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