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This product is discontinued and no longer being made.

This effect was created by the Swedish Amateur Mentalist and Stage Magician Goran Klyve c. 1987. Goran started working for Harries c. 1985 and has created a number of effects for Harries.

Effect: Only a few times during a lifetime magic creators come up with a new trick that fools both lay audiences and magicians. A trick where the secret is so devilish ingenious that it simply looks like real magic or genuine mind reading in the eyes of the audience. ALPHA-MIND is such a trick. And it is very easy to perform. You simply seem to read the mind of the spectator.

You show a pack of so called ABC-cards with different letters on each card and let a spectator shuffle the cards. He or she is then asked to make a word with the help of the letters and to put these cards face down on the table. While all this take place you may leave the room or turn your back. When you enter the room again the cards are placed — still face down — on a small close up-pad which you take out from your pocket. After few seconds of concentration you reveal the word!

ALPHA-MIND can be repeated immediately. And remember:

No marked cards,
You may hand out the cards and the pad for examination through a microscope,
No peeking or glimpsing
No memory work
No confederates
Spectator may put cards in non-transparent envelopes before you enter the room.
You can even do it blindfolded

Note: Ad copy and images are used with permission from Andy Martin –

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