19TH Hole


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A classic of magic referred to previously as “Hole In One.”

The magician holds a wooden tray containing a shot glass, a brandy glass and six colored golf balls. A spectator is chosen at random and asked to choose any one of the colored golf balls. The magician then explains that he is going to make the selected ball magically appear inside the shot glass! To make things more difficult and in fact impossible the brandy glass is turned upside down and placed over the shot glass. There is no way for the ball to be placed inside the shot glass now! Next a cloth (foulard), is placed over the top of the tray so that the magician and the audience can no longer see the tray and it’s contents. As the audience counts out loud to three, the magic has happened! When the cloth (foulard), is removed from the tray, the selected golf ball is sitting in the shot glass which is still covered by the brandy glass! The effect happens in seconds and is truly baffling! If you like, all the glasses and golf balls can be handed out for examination! No switches and no stooges involved!

Exceptional quality we assure you! Unit comes complete with tray, glasses, golf balls, and foulard!

  • Tray measures 19″ x 9″
  • Foulard measures 30″ square

Note: there may be minor variations in color from one production to the other from the image shown due to available materials at the time of fabrication.

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