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Fred Kaps was not just a magician: Fred Kaps was a phenomenon, one of the best, and an icon in the world of magic. He is the only magician ever to win the coveted world title three times. The Dutchman’s inimitable tricks not only brought him unprecedented national fame but international acclaim too. Even today, Fred Kaps is still considered a genius and is a role model to many of those in the profession.

This magical DVD is a must for all Fred Kaps fans. ‘Fred Kaps …Seeing is believing!’ is full of wonderful and unique footage from the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. This fantastic DVD includes his most famous tricks, his best TV performances and his greatest shows, not only as film footage but with dozens of marvelous photos too. The DVD also features a number of exclusive interviews with today’s magicians talking about Fred Kaps.
Including six exclusive new interviews featuring well-known fellow magicians like Johnny Thompson, David Berglas and Mike Caveney.
Seeing is Believing! Look at this unique footage and you will be even more convinced of Fred Kaps’ extraordinary talent.

Sleeveless Sleeving

On this DVD, you will learn Johan Ståhl’s previously unpublished technique that helped him win prizes all over the world. “Sleeveless sleeving” makes magic that use a sleeving technique appear even more impossible. With Sleeveless sleeving you will be able to vanish, produce and transform objects with apparently rolled-up sleeves!

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