2 DVD Combo The Astor Lecture & A Weekend at the 4F with Obie O’Brien

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This is a two DVD combo the first DVD “The Astor Lecture” Contains the following effects:

  • Astor Mental
  • Virtual Dice
  • Astor’s Ambitious Card
  • ESP Boxes
  • Zodiac Test
  • No Comment…
  • Mental Jackpot
  • Jumbo Mental Jackpot
  • Mental Cubes
  • Astor Epic

Running Time Approximately 1hr 18min

The Second Title is “A Weekend at the 4F with Obie O’Brien” it includes the following segements:

  • The Interview – Learn about the history of the legendary 4F!
  • Jin Klayder – Sun and Moon
  • Ali Bongo – Pen thru Pound
  • Patrick Page – Stand-up Coins thru Table (Performance Only)
  • Hayashi – The Matrix Trilogy
  • Richard Kaufman – Triumph Handling
  • David Regal – Royal Jazz Quartet
  • Vanni Bossi – The U.T.N. Card Fold
  • Tom Craven – The Zodiac Prediction
  • Scott Robinson – Differences

Probably the best DVD this year (we are a bit modest about this one). There are several explanations, performances and even an extra bit of business. There is some of the strongest magic available including routines from Richard Kaufman(an INCREDIBLE TRIUMPH), Jim Klayder, Scott Robinson( A beautiful coin effect), Hayashi and many more.

In this first volume you will see and learn unbelievable magic while being part of magic’s most prestigious convention!

Running Time Approximately: 1hr 12mins


“Anything you can learn from the 4F club is definitely worth the time spent!” – Jiro

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