200 Gags, Intros & One-Liners For Magicians II – (Book)


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Book TWO by Tony McMylor. We sold hundreds of Tony’s first book, and this is the long awaited BOOK TWO! Previous comedy books seemed to fall under the category of “goofy” or not funny. The other options were outdated jokes from generations past…I was excited to see a book that was both contemporary. This book covers one-liners for all types:

Some of these you can use verbatim, but as many a good performer knows, others you can customize and slightly change the verbage to better accomodate you personality/act.

Example: Preamble to Linking Rings: “These rings represent a large part of my life (start to count the rings outloud) “First Marriage… second marriage….third and forth marriages!”

Included in this book one-lines on the following:
* Openings,
* Props Patter
* For the Card Man
* A Lady Volunteer
* Male Volunteer
* Incidental Patter
* To Other Magicians
* Entertaining the Kids
* Mentalism and Bizarre Magic
* Bits of Business
* For the Poetic Magician

This booklet is soft-cover with 14 pages of material with each page featuring about 16-20 different gags and one-liners. The booklet is written by Tony McMylor. He has written for both TV and Radio for many years and is an avid magic lover. If you’re looking for “goofy” and/or “dumb humor” this is not the book. If you are one of the many who is searching for refreshing, creative, original and contemporary comedy by-lines…get this book!


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