202 Methods of Forcing by Theo Annemann – Book


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And 202 Methods of Forcing is the biggest collection of astonishing, practical and EASY Forces ever assembled. This isn’t only about forcing cards this books teaches you how to force anything a spectator that you will need during your shows and performances.

As you’ll discover, 202 Methods of Forcing is:

  • Easy to read and understand fast, so you can read the whole thing in about 30 minutes
  •  Easy to use, so you won’t need to practice to create miracles…most of these forces are incredibly easy to do.
  • Not just about cards, so you can make miracles forcing numbers, words, or ANY object you can think of.
  • In fact, with 202 Methods of Forcing, you’ll start amazing audiences just minutes from now.
  • And with the secrets you’ll discover inside this quick read, you’ll find enough miracles to keep your audiences amazed for a lifetime!

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