Spidertable 88/40, height 83 cm (35”/16”, height 33′) – BLACK


Product Description

Spider Table #6142.   Spider Proves you can IMPROVE upon PERFECTION – with it’s new Black Tables. Now you can order a black anodized Spider table. Anodizing means an electronic oxidation of metal surfaces.

Without question the most universally recognized product Spider manufactures. Sleek in design, compact, durable and secure—these are the perfect prop tables for the working performer. Whether purchased individually, or to accentuate other Spider products. Either way, they will serve you well.

The tables are constructed by frame aluminum and feature translucent Plexiglas tops—so there is nothing suspicious about them at all. Like all Spider Products they pack up well and are easy to transport and are just as quick to set up and breakdown. While we do stock some Spider Tables in house, due to the variety of sizes there may be a 2-4 week delay.

TABLE measures approx: 35-inches height (when closed) —Surface 16″ x 16″-inches.  Important Note: Table stands 32″ when assembled. 

NOTE:  Shipping only $3.50 Worldwide   – Video Demo shows the standard table.

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