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Steve Haynes has tweaked and developed this closely guarded secret for 17 YEARS! Now, it can be yours! The Casanova Concept is an easy to apply principle that will allow you to perform bona-fide miracles with both playing cards and business cards. It’s simple and straightforward, requires the minimum of sleight of hand and will go straight into your repertoire. This is NOT a trick; it’s a principle that can be applied to hundreds of routines.
Featured on this DVD:
Stroller Controller – A freely selected card is signed front and back, and then lost in the deck. You cleanly reach into your pocket and withdraw their card, showing that you had it BEFORE they even signed it!
Thru & Through – A signed Card Thru Window with a FACE UP, SIGNED selection!
Rip Trip – A signed business card is torn but miraculously restores itself!
Homing On Easy Street – A signed card disappears from the deck and appears in your pocket. TWICE! This is easy-peasy!
And, Steve Haynes’ signature piece – the Casanova Closer…
Your spectator selects two cards and SIGNS them both. One is placed in their own wallet (or pocket). The other is lost in the deck. Within seconds you open your own wallet to reveal the signed selection which was apparently lost in the deck.
As your spectator is still reeling, you offer to repeat the effect. You re-open your wallet (which was empty only moments ago) and slowly withdraw a face-down card. Your spectator’s eyes are popping out of their head – ‘How did that signed selection get back into your wallet’?
It didn’t. It’s the OTHER signed card! The one that should have been in the spectators’ wallet. And when they look in their pocket they find the first signed card! Then they faint!
NOTE: The Casanova Closer utilises a gimmicked wallet (not supplied). But, this is just one way to employ the Casanova Concept. The DVD also features a second method using nothing but a deck of cards and an ungimmicked wallet!

Rubberband Thruhand:
Fresh from the minds of Dan Hauss and Blake Vogt comes Rubber Thruhand – an impromptu rubberband penetration that’s visually stunning! All you need is one ordinary rubberband and your hand, there are no gaffs, no gimmicks, and no preparation. You show your hand on both sides and wrap the band around your fingers. The band then penetrates through one finger at a time – you can even show both sides of your hand after each penetration!

Join Dan Hauss in the studio where he will teach you everything you need to know to perform this impromptu miracle. There are even multiple bonuses and variations so you can make the routine fit your style. Perform one phase or all of them – it’s up to you!
No Gimmicks, 100% Impromptu
Simple, Visual, and Easy-to-Do
Band Penetrates 1 Finger at a Time
Show Both Sides After Each Phase
Bonuses and Variations
Approx 25 mins

Sticky contains 4 strong effects that you can perform using chewing gum. All the effects are very practical, organic, easy to perform and will leave your spectators astonished.

Explain that there is only one piece of gum left inside the pack and have a spectator freely select a row and a compartment. Display that the last piece is sealed inside the exact location they just chose.

Torn & Fuzed
Show a silver pack of gum and a blue piece of foil from another pack. Visually make the blue piece fuse onto the silver foil, leaving it completely examinable and hand it out as an impossible souvenir

You mark one compartment of the gum pack as your prediction and have a spectator draw an X onto any compartment on the other side and it matches with your prediction.

Push Through
Display a piece of gum inside one compartment. Have a spectator cup his hands underneath and visually push the gum through the compartment without any holes or slits.

‘Kevin is a great thinker and has a great creative mind. Its nice to see a mix of mentalism and visual magic as the routines and effects you get, give the dvd a good change rather than one trick stretched to hell. Realy nice, modern and creative…. Great work’- Chris Webb

‘I was fortunate to see earlier a copy of Sticky.. All the effects included are easy to perform and the preparation for any of them is ridicuoluous easy ! Loved it! -Nefesch

‘The mental ideas look like an anytime/anywhere effect with unsuspective props. Ideal for street mentalism.’ – Stefan O

‘Great job guys! I have been waiting for a full release from you Kev and I knew it’s gonna come! To all of you, who don’t know who Kevin is – long story short. Very bright, young guy with hundreds of great ideas in his head. I am sure he is a rising star and at some point in time in near future he will be shining very bright! – Radmak

‘It really fooled me! You also get everything you need to perform it. This is a win win situation. Even though I’m a card guy, I’d use the last 2 mentalism effects’ – Moe Magic

‘Awesome… MentalGum and Marked seem like my type of effects: simple, direct and powerful!’ – J Prager

‘I love magic with everyday objects and will definitely add this..’ – Mago Niko

‘Looks Amazing! All the effects looks organic and really fun to do – I especially like the Marked effect!’ – Kyle MacNeill

‘Loving the 2 mentalism effects!!!Organic and sure to get great reaction magic!!!Congrats Kevin!’ – Jay Di Biase

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