3 DVD Bundle – Done by Misdirection, Million Dollar Secrets with Cards, Card in What? – Estate


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Done by Misdirection:
Manuel Muerte, FISM winner, Master of Misdirection and member of the Flicking Fingers Demonstrates his tried and tested tricks in front of a live audience.

Clear and easy instructions allow insight not only into the methods, but also into the basic principles and philosophies.

In over two hours of viewing time, you will learn 21 original stage and close-up routines.
You will accompany Manuel Muerte for a day in Berlin, learning the fundamentals of misdirection.
And as a special bonus, Manuel Muerte will perform his award-winning FISM number for the first time on DVD!
English and German Version on One DVD!

Million Dollar Secrets with cards:
Go inside with the “Million Dollar Magician” Simon Lovell. The card tricks are so secret we couldn’t list them on this website! As an added bonus Simon shares his Ambitous Card Secrets that will only further enhance your Million Dollar Experience!!!

Card in What?
Imagine being able to make a signed card appear anywhere you wanted. Join James Coats and Harley Davidson model Leticia, as they reveal these fantastic secrets. You will learn the following:

Card in spectator’s bra
Card in spectator’s underwear
Card through window
Signed card in box
Card to anywhere
Card to wallet
and much more!!!
This DVD also contains 4 different card forces and a card control method that allows you to know your spectator’s card at all times.

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