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The Zarrow Shuffle is the ultimate false riffle shuffle. Now Herb Zarrow explains the details and secret techniques that make the Zarrow Shuffle undetectable. No matter how many riffle shuffles you give the deck, you maintain complete control of all the cards. The Zarrow Shuffle is the most deceptive false shuffle ever created and one of the few sleights that was instantly adopted not only by top card workers but also by professional card sharpers.

Persi Diaconis in his introduction to Dai Vernon’s Revelations wrote: “Zarrow’s shuffle may very well be the single most important practical card move invented since Erdnase.

This is the first time that Herb Zarrow, the inventor of the shuffle, has revealed these handlings, variations and presentations using the shuffle. Most of the material on this tape has never been available before, including many fine points and applications that have been held back for more than 40 years. Learn from the only authorized video on the subject taught by Herb Zarrow, the man who invented it all.
Shuffle techniques taught:
The original Complete Deck Control with Riffle Shuffle, speed, cover, resistance, angles, cutting sequences, get-readies, jog usage, double hand movement, red/black Zarrow Shuffle sequences, three card cover sequences, one and two shuffle sequences, Cut Simulation, Locking The Top Card, Two-Shuffle Control, Pre-Cut Double-Shuffle, Two-Shuffles and Cut, Skimming Using The Z, Double Cover, Double-Double Shuffle, Red/Black Cull and much more.
Routines and applications taught:
Four Ace Shuffle Control, Surprise Stack, Quad Triumph, Cull Stack, Attraction, Red Black Cull and Zarrow Control, Four Packet Red Black, and Three Phase Poker Routine. In addition to shuffle applications the routines also contain unpublished techniques and ideas that can be applied to many effects.
This may be your only opportunity to really master this technique and add a valuable weapon to your arsenal of secret sleights.

The Side Steal Declassified

Paul Cummins has been personalizing and honing Ed Marlo’s Deliberate Side Steal for over 30 years during live performances and is recognized as one of the top practitioners of the sleight. The information contained on this media will provide you with a detailed explanation of how to perform the sleight, tips to avoid pitfalls during the execution of the sleight, and routines that demonstrate no less than five different functionalities of the Side Steal.

A La Annemann – A startling opener – one card changes four times in six seconds! This routine demonstrates the side steal as a control to the top of the deck.

Bar None – A two-card transposition in which one card is held against the table by a spectator. Includes a presentational angle that takes away any confusion as to which card is in which spot. This routine demonstrates Bill Simon’s wonderful idea of side stealing a card to a position second from the top of the deck.

The Trick That Never Happened – Take your audience back and forth through time. J.K. Hartman has said: “Paul’s treatment of Roy Walton’s Time Travelers is outstanding.” This routine demonstrates the side steal as a shift of a block of cards from the bottom to the top of the deck.

AACAAAN1 – Almost any card at almost any number, version 1. Paul has performed this routine for the laity for over 25 years. This routine demonstrates the side steal as a secret slip cut.

Just In Case – A card under and in the cardbox routine honed from nightly performances over the bar. This routine demonstrates the side steal into a full classic palm.

Stumped! – Three spectators quickly take a peek into the deck, each remembering a card. The performer tables the deck and can instantly tell each spectator which card they peeked

The Brick Pass

The Brick Pass Alex Pandrea’s refined interpretation of the classic pass, one of the most highly regarded utility moves in the world of close-up magic. Alex spends over 30 minutes teaching the subtleties and nuances that will make your pass silent, invisible, and flawless. Filmed in high-definition, you’ll learn every detail of technique, finger placement, and hand motion to bring your pass to the next level.

The Turnover Pass Imagine having your spectator freely name any card they see in a face-up spread. All they see you do is square the deck and turn it face down, but you’ve actually controlled their selection to the top! This is totally innocent, invisible, and deceptive!

In the Turn Over Pass, Alex goes step-by-step to teach you the nuances and subtleties that make this one of the most useful and deceptive passes in all of magic.

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