3 DVD Bundle – J.C. Wagner More Commercial Magic, LIVE at the Jailhouse A Guide to Restaurant Magic, Doc Eason’s Bar magic Vol.1 – Estate


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More Commercial Magic

The sequel to J.C. Wagner’s runaway bestseller Commercial Magic, features more of the magic that made J.C.’s book sell-out and his shows and lectures so popular. Once again you get to see his direct and stunning magic live and on location in his natural environment.

Routines performed and explained:

Torn N’ Restored Card — The outstanding routine where a signed card is torn and restored. This is the routine that inspired all the variations that finally led to the one piece at a time restoration effects.
Royal Detectives — The Kings are used as detectives to find a selected card. The card vanishes from between the two red kinds to appear face-up in the deck between the two black kings.
Omni Twist Collectors — Three selected cards magically appear between the four face up queens as you perform a twisting effect with the queens turning face up and face down.
Prediction Out Of This World — An impromptu Out Of This World routine where a spectator impossibly separates the reds from the blacks and turns over the packets in her hands. At the conclusion a prediction is shown to have foreseen the number of errors she made.
Polished Marked Deck — Two cards are selected from a blue deck. The cards are shuffled face up and face down a couple times. When the deck is spread all the cards are facing the same way except the two selections. As a final kicker the rest of the deck is shown to have red backs.
Also includes:
J.C. On Collins Aces
J.C.’s Fabulous Four Ace Routine
2 Copper – 1 Silver
Glass Thru Bar
You will also learn the many techniques used within the routines and an in-depth view of the Gambler’s Cop.

Doc Eason’s Vol 1

Your front row seat is reserved for this rare, in-depth look at the working repertoire of the master bar magician of our time. Peppered with lines, bar bits and jokes, this “Doc”umentary features guarded, highly commercial secrets which bring celebrities and locals back again and again. Twenty years of non-stop performing at the Tower have turned Doc Eason into a pro at the top of his form. You’ll watch these tapes over and over for the sheer joy of seeing how much fun magic can be.

Volume One
His “peeked” card to under the glass-maximum impact method.
Repeated selection of a card-a classic bar trick.
Doc’s entire Ambitious Card routine-with great unusual twists & lines.
His amazing version of Triumph-with Doc’s commercial story line.
His acclaimed 3-Card Monte routine-a mini-playlet in itself!
Multiple selection of 20 cards-staggering for the lay audience.

Live at the Jailhouse

On this 3 DVD set you will see some of the most renowned restaurant magicians in the U.S. performing for real audiences but even more important these seasoned pros will talk about:

Disc 1

Benefits of working in a restaurant
Choosing a restaurant
How to dress
How to get the job
How to keep the job
Staff relationships
Getting paid
Types of effects
Amount of material
Kirk Charles performs: His version of sponge balls(performance), An in the hands Copper/Silver(performance), Matches (performance), Bar Basketball(explanation) and Business Card(explanation)

Garrett Thomas performs: Rubik’s Cube(performance), The Ring Thing(performance), Big Coin Little Purse(performance), plus Garrett explains his amazing way to vanish and produce large props at a table.

Paul Green performs: Pygmy Paddle(explanation), Here There and Chicago Too! and Card to Wallet Routine with a great tip to help you never miss and give away your Business Card at the same time(explanation).

Disc 2

Approaching the table: When & How
Three ways to leave the table: Entertainment no desired, The food arrives, You finish the show
Dan Fleshmann performs: Prof. Nightmare(performance), Momma in my wallet(explanation), Card to Mouth(explanation) and Rising Card(explanation)

Kozmo performs: Sweet’N Low Surprise(explanation)

Disc 3

Odds and Ends: Dealing with hecklers, Evolution of your magic, Self Promotion, Pocket Management, Mistake Recovery, Making Friends, Working for Celebs
Favorite Stories
Parting Comment
Bloopers and Credits
Justin Miller performs: Shockingly Sweet(explanation), Suggestion(explanation) and Believe(performance)

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