3 DVD Bundle – Pierced by Chris Piercy, Reality Check by Michael Paul, Dynamic Walkaround by Anthony Owen – Estate

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Chris Piercy will teach you one of his most popular commercial and powerful routines for the real life working magician.
Take a card, fold it up and slam it right inside an inflated balloon!
You show it visually and audibly empty, then in an instant, right up close to the spectators, you push the card into the side of the balloon and they SEE and HEAR it go INSIDE!
Pass it around for inspection or leave it on their table as an impossibly fair sealed prediction.
Want to take it one step further? Have a card selected and signed, lose it in your deck of cards and then have the spectator pop the balloon.
The prediction card inside is now THEIR SIGNED CARD!

Dynamic Walkaround:
Back in the last century, before he quit performing to become the UK’s leading television magic producer and consultant, Anthony Owen was a professional close-up magician. On this DVD (first released on video in 1998) you’ll get to spy on Anthony Owen and his colleague Paul Andrews as they perform walkaround (‘street magic’ style) close-up magic at a cocktail party in a hotel in London’s west-end.
And after the party you get to listen in on their revealing chat over coffee as they share the real secrets of the business of performing walkaround (‘street magic’ style) close-up magic at receptions, cocktail parties, corporate launches and events. You’ll get to learn the pitfalls, the advantages, the disadvantages and the tips to master this profitable market.
Plus you’ll learn the secrets of a bunch of unique original material developed by Anthony and Paul for their professional performance repertoire.

Reality Check:

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