3 DVD Bundle – Psyche, Rubberband Thruhand, Finney Live at lake Tahoe Volume 1

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It starts with a coin from their pocket; it bends in their hand and in front of their eyes…at the end they are left with a bent coin they signed.
Andrew Gerard’s dirty little secret is OUT!
No bending devices are used during the performance of this effect…The only thing that gets bent is your audience’s mind.
Running Time Approximately 26min

Rubberband Thruhand:
Fresh from the minds of Dan Hauss and Blake Vogt comes Rubber Thruhand – an impromptu rubberband penetration that’s visually stunning! All you need is one ordinary rubberband and your hand, there are no gaffs, no gimmicks, and no preparation. You show your hand on both sides and wrap the band around your fingers. The band then penetrates through one finger at a time – you can even show both sides of your hand after each penetration!

Join Dan Hauss in the studio where he will teach you everything you need to know to perform this impromptu miracle. There are even multiple bonuses and variations so you can make the routine fit your style. Perform one phase or all of them – it’s up to you!
No Gimmicks, 100% Impromptu
Simple, Visual, and Easy-to-Do
Band Penetrates 1 Finger at a Time
Show Both Sides After Each Phase
Bonuses and Variations
Approx 25 mins

Finney Live at Lake Tahoe Vol. :
Cane to Hat Table – A great openr for a comedy magic act.
Six-Card Repeat – A venerable classic with the Finney touch, complete with a story that hangs it together and a pure show-biz ending.
Professor’s Nightmare – A trick many have discounted comes to life in the hands of a comedy master.
“No” – It’s an old gag but with the right timing, can still send an audience into convulsive laughter.
1-2-3-4 – A surprising piece of mentalism that stuns even jaded comedy club audiences.
Lady Rope Routine – One of Michael Finney’s trademark pieces. This is the multi-phase routine that has taken him around the world.
Sponge Ball Routine with Watch Steal – Two sponge balls, a spectator, a missing watch and a whole lot of laughs!
Card on Forehead – Michael’s other signature piece; a routine that has everyone in stitches and the guy on stage wondering what’s so funny!
Motivational Speech – This is a rare and extremely candid glimpse into the mind and heart of a top professional. In this segment, Michael opens himself up to the audience (and to you) as he relates the story of his rise up the show business ladder. Hear how Michael overcame tremendous obstacles to reach his goals and he will surely inspire you to reach for the stars in your own career…and life! What’s more, he shares many of the promotional ideas and marketing tools he uses to maintain his position as one of America’s busiest performers.

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