3 DVD Bundle – Secret Art of Monkey Business, Enigmatic Vol1, Inscrutable (2 DVD set)

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A collection of devilishly creative close-up routines that will bring out your inner monkey!
This long awaited DVD from the creator of Color Blind, Six and Stabbed In The Pack, offers up 7 commercial routines, bonus routines and more!
Here are just some of the routines included:
Jack Is Back – A clever twist on The Ripper by Lee Asher.
Card On Head – Easy to do, commercial, instantly resets. What more could you ask for?
The Improved Vanishing Card Case – A previously marketed effect that has long been unavailable. Magicians all over the world have praised this version of a modern classic. Here for the first time, Matthew teaches you how to make your own.
Ring Vanish And Flash Production – Grab a ring and some flash paper and you are ready to perform some great visual magic.
Card Through Bill – A marketed effect that has become one of Matthew’s best sellers is taught for the first time on DVD.
Knife Through Finger – A knife penetrates your finger leaving a giant, gaping whole that the spectators can see right through!
Flick Of The Lip – Based on Lickety Flip by David Acer. This clever version sets you up to perform McDonald’s Aces.
Also included are bonus routines for:
Ring Flight and McDonald’s Aces.

Running Time Approximately 1hr 30min

We filmed eccentric Bavarian Magic Alexander de Cordova perform, when he made his only lecture here in America. Later we got him aside and he revealed in detail the methods, history, and thinking behind the dozen knockout effects on the two ENIGMATIC volumes.
Alex’s unconventional ideas for parlour and platform, are audience tested and perfected over many years. His way of avoiding complicated methods by means of ingenious simplicity will keep surprising you.
Watch real avant-garde magic from the non-conformist mind of Europe’s best, Alexander de Cova.
Featuring an extraordinary jumping knot that’s super simple to do.
The classic effect. Just as effective, Just as strong. Only cleverly simplified. No memory, no indexes…
Someone else pays for the beer. A very popular trick in Bavaria. Or use juice for the little ones.
Dedicated to the masters. Alexander’s handling of the Sympathetic Silks plot is both direct and very deceptive.
Seemingly scan a deck for a few seconds and know which cards is missing, then stab it’s mate in the dark.
Defy the laws of physics. How can a borrowed ring be in two places at the same time? Plays to the largest crowd.
Running Time Approximately 85min

Inscrutable marks the debut of one of magic’s rising stars. On this incredible 2 disc collection Joseph shares some of his prized routines, moves, subtleties and thoughts.
Ranging from self-working miracles to the more advanced masterpieces, Joseph covers every aspect in full detail.
Including over 20 routines and more than 3hrs of footage you will learn some of the most powerful, practical and seriously fooling routines even caught on film.

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