3 DVD Bundle – Stealing Pips, Million Dollar Card Magic , Fourfit – Estate


Product Description

Stealing Pips:
This DVD contains a wealth of powerful card magic. The material is extremely visual and stunning. The routines are practical, and designed for real-world performance. There are no pipe dreams or outrageous sleights. The moves and routines will generate huge reactions from audiences, and do so with the least amount of work, allowing you to focus more on presentation. This is material you will use.

Million Dollar Card Magic :
Go inside with “Million Dollar Magician” Simon Lovell. Simon shares with you in-depth more than 30 card tricks and secrets that will put you in a class above the rest. The card tricks are so secret that the manufacturer has asked us not to list them on the site.

As an added bonus Simon shares his ambitious card secrets that will only further enhance your million dollar experience.

Million Dollar Card Magic Section:

Chicago Opener/Red Hot Mama (Frank Everhardt) – The Original Classic! A spectator’s card turns Red Hot!
Double Lift – The most important sleight in all card magic! Learn from Simon and it’s EASY!
Double Cut (Dai Vernon & Laurie Ireland) – A very simple and effective contol of a chosen card!
3 In A Million (Frank Garcia) – Do-As-I-Do with a kicker ending! Simon takes a useful principle to a whole new level!
Switch Craft (Frank Garcia) – Two cards, isolated from the deck, change placed under test conditions!
Easy Aces (Al Leech) – 4 Aces lost in the deck, are spelled-to, cut-to, and counted-to!
Hide and Seek Kings (Frank Garcia) – Four Kings vanish one at a time then reappear in the deck catching their mates the Queens!
One Head (Al Cohn) – A little piece of fun and whimsy to put between your heavier card miracles!
Dual Discovery (Frank Garcia) – The magician is in trouble… magic to the rescue!
Uncanny Revelation – Heavy-hitting magic with very little work!
PeekaBoo Revelation (Bill Simon) – The Aces dive into the deck to find a spectator’s peeked-at card!
Mental Cards – The magician finds a thought-of in a thoroughly shuffled deck!
Key Card Control Technique – The real way to use this often over-looked card weapon!

Reuben Moreland has been catching the eye of top industry pros from a young age. His award-winning competition act has brought him all over the world. In his DVD debut, Reuben shares a close-up miracle that he’s been honing for years.

Fourfit is a stunning piece-by-piece restoration of a torn playing card based on an original concept by Max Cron. Each restoration is more magical than the last, with the pieces simply fusing together with a light touch. You can use a regular, borrowed deck of cards and the card can be shown on both sides after each piece is restored. The reassembled card can even be handed out as a souvenir! Reuben teaches Fourfit in extreme detail, and even provides additional handlings and tips so you can customize the routine.

Use a borrowed deck
No sticky stuff
Show both sides after each restoration
Restored card is examinable
Multiple handlings taught
Card can be signed
Find out why close-up masters everywhere are hailing Fourfit as one of the best torn and restored card effects to come along in years!

Running Time Approximately: 50min

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