3 DVD Bundle – The Oops Deck, Killer Cut, The Art and Magic of Shaun Robison

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For the past 9 years Shaun Robison has been spicing up the bar and restaurant nightlife with his “Strolling Entertainment.” If you were a fortunate guest at any of the Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse of New York you may have had the pleasure of experiencing Mr. Robison’s tableside manner of close-up magic and astonishing mind reading.

Along the path of his professional development, Shaun Robison has decided to share the knowledge of his mind with yours by showing you some of the pet routines that has served him well over the years.

On this DVD you will learn:
Four What – 4 aces are shown and then are seen to change into 4 cards that resemble the spectator’s card. Then the 4 cards change into a 4 of a kind!

Burning Business Merger – This effect answers the question: “What can I do to get the spectators to keep my business card?” A very eerie revelation of a selected card!

And Yet, Another Coins to Glass – Starts out as a broken and restored wine glass and ends with an amazing coins to glass effect. The last coin will bring gasps!

Spots a Poppin’ – A red spot on the back of a playing card comes to life!

Lovers Dance – Shaun’s take on the Anniversary Waltz trick. This version is one of the cleanest there is! Doc Eason loved it! Worth the price of the DVD!

Wand and Coins – A simple and very stunning 3 coin vanish and reproduction.

Killer Cut:
One handkerchief. One newspaper. One cut.

They saw it happen. Or did they?

Your spectators will be doubting their own senses after they witness this diabolically devastating double restoration.

Here’s what your spectators see…

You openly show a silk handkerchief and a sheet of newspaper.
The silk is fairly placed into the folded newspaper.
The newspaper and handkerchief are cut in half.
The halves of both the handkerchief and newspaper are shown to be unmistakably separate.
Both the handkerchief and the newspaper are again cleanly and openly shown.
No switches. No steals. NO worries. Nothing added or taken away.

Completely self-contained. Practically self working and exceptionally clean and easy in handling. You show the same handkerchief and newspaper openly and deliberately both before and after the effect.

It is a perfect re-creation of a classic stage illusion – Sawing a Lady in Half – that you can preform almost anywhere with things you can literally carry in your pocket.
Fun to perform.
Fools magicians
Simple, direct plot
Ultra clean, ultra visual
Resets in under 60 seconds
Packs flat, carry in your pocket
Easy and inexpensive to prepare
Re-use the same silk and newspaper over and over
Perform with sleeves rolled up, without sleeves, or completely naked.
Diabolical method – the “work” happens right under their noses but is completely invisible & undetectable.
A proven audience hit in hundreds of performances. Ideal for corporate entertainers, school and family performers, stage magicians and illusionists. The classic “cut and restored” plot – that evokes the same astonished audience response as a major stage illusion.

DVD Includes:
single shot performance.
easy to follow step-by-step video instruction.
John’s audience-proven commercial word-for-word patter and routine.
Handling & presentational tips
Bonus live performance video.
Running Time Approximately: 44mins

Oops Decks:
Now Here, as introduced in Antinomy Magazine: The Oops! Deck

A unique torn and restored card routine…and much more. They WILL remember this one! Your spectator will be left with a signed and restored card unlike anything they have ever seen. Oops! is not limited to T&R effects. There are unlimited routine possibilities. Oops! cards will open up a whole new dimension in card magic.

Incredible, impossible, inspectable…..Oops!

Effects Taught: Oops!—-MisMade—–3WayChange

PLUS How to prepare your Oops Card!

Effect Descriptions:

Oops! – The classic torn and restored card effect with a twist by Michael Paul and a single Oops! card. Your spectators will remember this one!

MisMade – A card is selected at random by your spectator. The spectator folds the card into quarters, and the card is signed. After a moment of the card being held in the spectators’ closed fist, it transforms into a “mismade” card, complete with the signature!

3Way Change – After a short patter about card companies and mis-printed cards, you offer to provide an example. An entire deck is shown to be mis-printed, including the box. You correct the problem visually. A single card transforms to a normally printed card in your hands. Then at the next moment it is seen that the entire deck has been corrected…..then the box has been corrected too. All while they are sitting in full view!

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