3 DVD Bundle – Warp One by David Ren Jenkins, The Asher Twist, Alan Ackerman Card Control Series Vol 8 – Estate


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Warp One is a completely re-wired version of Roy Walton’s classic Card Warp. The big news? David removes the cover card and performs the entire illusion in full view!


Warp One uses a single card from a normal deck… held out at the very tips of your fingers.
You fold the card in half then simply wave your fingers over the card, and the single card visibly turns inside out: First half the card, then the other half (both sides are shown), then the card turns completely inside out and then back to half and half.
Each stunning visual change happens with a single normal card held at the tips of your fingers!
You end with the classic Roy Walton ending by tearing the warped card in half and handing out the pieces for examination.
David Ren Jenkins’ Warp One is a visual treat. The moves are completely invisible. The handling is a downright joy to perform.
All you need is a single card and your bare fingers to permanently warp your audience’s reality.
Includes David’s special handling for restoring the card.

The Asher Twist

One at a time, four aces revolve face-up then face
down again, delighting your audience each time it happens. As a finale,
all the aces perform an about-face in a stunning fashion.
Follow along with cards in hand as
you discover this visually explosive technique taught by Lee Asher.
Learn exactly how to develop the finesse needed to make your handling of
the Asher Twist look smooth and magical.

Alan Ackerman Card Control Series

Allan Ackerman is one of the world’s foremost experts at sleight-of-hand magic with playing cards. On this incredible multi-volume series of DVDs, you will be treated to an instructional course encompassing elementary sleight-of- hand all the way up through advanced card work. Allan Ackerman’s Advanced Card Control Series tackles one major component of card magic on each volume, and instead of teaching you an endless encyclopedia of moves, Allan has selected what he considers to be the most practical and deceptive methods for each sleight.

After guiding you step-by-step through the various sleights, Allan also teaches you a number of professional card routines so you can apply what you have learned – audience-tested foolers that have earned him a worldwide reputation as The Las Vegas Card Expert. Magic can be a lifetime hobby and card magic is considered to be the poetry of prestidigitation. So grab a deck of cards, sit back and let Allan Ackerman’s succinct, laid-back teaching style guide you through the joys of professional card magic! You’ll be fooling your friends and family in no time at all!

VOLUME 8: Utility Moves

Sleights and Moves:

Fine Points of ATFUS
Fu-Fu Switch
Vernon’s ATFUS
Hugard/Braue Addition
Secret Subtraction
Vernon Add-On
1-2-3-4 Switch
Quick Three-Way
D’Amico Multiple Spread
The Drop Switch
The Jennings’ Add-On
Vernon Shuffle Reverse
Cervon’s Cut Reverse
Braue Reversal 1
Braue Reversal 2
Ackerman’s Shuffle Reverse
Propelled Lapping
Pemper Deck Switch
In-the-Pocket Switch
Bert Allerton Move
On the Up & Up
The Ultra Move
The Curry Change
Tilt & Variations
One-Handed Tilt
Schwarzman’s Tilt Subtlety
The Classic Force
The Hofzinser Force

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