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Ray Piatt, master of mentalism has put out a new set of Swami’s he calls – “Swamis!” This is a two unit per set product that has a much larger surface making it more easily and more securely attached to your thumb. It also features the special wax that you can easily apply to the ball of your thumb, to the amount you prefer, which provides a good solid foundation.

The secret is in the larger surface area, which allows for more special wax, which in the end give you the adhesive security you can feel comfortable with, both prior to executing the product, during and afterward.

Product Specs: Each unit comes with Two Swami’s so you have a back up, two portions of ample special wax, in a carrying case. As is the case with most nail writers, bug writers, boom writers and swami gimmicks – they do not come with instructions.  Swami Gimmick.

I always loved Ray’s previous Scarab, but this new version is far superior for me for two reasons, the larger surface area and the fact that the wax holds more securely then the double stick tape. This is the professionals version of Swami – for sure. – Savinio Recine.

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