3D Rabbit Set by Goshman


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Truly the best creative update to the classic sponge balls effects. Sponge balls is the closest thing to “real magic” a performer can do in a close up setting. It has all the powerful aspects of great entertainment – including the all powerful feature of the magic happening in the “spectators” hands. The invention of the Sponge Rabbits – takes this miracle “exponentially” higher with the comedic and well know reputation of, lets just say – inherent characteristics of bunnies. Whether you use this comical approach to explain the “appearing bunnies” or just say they are magic bunnies you have powerful magic!

Now you can perform the classic multiplying rabbit routine with a wonderful new set of sponge bunnies from Goshman. Comes with 5 “baby” rabbits and 3 “adult” rabbits with instructions written by Michael Ammar.

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