4 Ring Set PROline PROtone Linking Rings – 12″ – Traditional Key Aluminum


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Note: This is the (4) Ring Set

PROtone linking rings are hand crafted from the finest aircraft aluminum.  Aircraft aluminum was first used by PROline and chosen from it’s lightweight durability (compared to standard aluminum) – but equally due to it’s distinctive musical tone (see story below).  We sincerely believe the PROline PROton rings are the most beautiful you have ever heard.  Sets come with standard care instructions and maintenance.

True Story from Mark Stevens: Several years ago Cliff Wiggs of Proline told me he was going to produce aluminum linking rings.  My first reaction and comment was – WHY?  Previously such rings were dull when they made contact had absolutely no resonance or tone.  We had sold imported versions which the standpoint of functionality worked but lacked what I feel is essential – that wonderful chime and ring.  That audible that one might not think is that important but any performer worth his salt knows is!  Magic is about pleasing the senses, the first and most notable being vision.  But the audio is equally a powerful feature.  Cliff told me he would be able to make that happen with his rings and truthfully I called – well – I doubted it.  This is an absolute true story.

Cliff sent me the rings, but before he did he called me on the phone and asked me to listen as he drops the rings and what I heard was exactly what I remembered hearing the acoustic chime that was previously only available with rings made from other metals. I was still doubtful until I got the rings and tried them for myself.

These rings are simply the finest quality and feature acoustics that will resonate loudly and beautifully during performance – and yes they are aluminum and have the features of being lightweight.  Bottom line you won’t be disappointed.   Instead of spending 3 times the amount – you can grab these (while they last) and have a winner.  Note:  This item is NOT coupon eligible through arrangements with the manufacture.

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