Coin Purse Large – Snap Release Silver Frame – Onosaka


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There is a new member of the Onosaka Coin Purse family! Featuring silver frame and clasp. The genuine article! Often imitated, frequently knocked off and even counterfeited! But none of the other models come close to the Ton Onosaka Coin purses – a staple at Stevens Magic Emporium for almost 40 years!

Every magician has learned the painful lesson of accidentally spending their gimmicked coins for every day currency! Or perhaps you have delicate and expensive gaffed coins you want to better protect. Or maybe you just have a fetish for coin purses – hey – it’s okay – your not alone.

Coin Purse - Onosaka

This is the large size coin purse with silver frame can clasp. As you can see by the photo it can hold a lot of coins. All the coins in this photo fit inside this purse.

Onosaka coin purses have that soft, supple leather feel because they use the finest quality leather. Don’t accept substitutes but the genuine article item from the genuine magic family – The Onosaka’s – or Mama-san come get you!

Note: Coins show in photo for illustration purposes only, and are not included with the purse.  (this is the disclaimer part.)


Note: Copyrighted images from Andy Martin, used with permission from

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