4Gone Illusion – Sean Taylor


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Ships 08/01/2021

“After working with the 4Gone Illusion Gimmick, I realized it’s such an incredible utility gimmick, you can force up to four cards from the same deck of cards, make them vanish, and reappear anywhere!” Jiro

Effect: Up to 4 Spectators select 4 different cards by simply telling the magician when to stop while riffling the deck, only glimpsing the card. After the selections are made the deck is place down immediately, the 4 cards are gone from the deck without touching it any further, you can now then spread the deck face up anyway you like showing that all 4 cards selected are completely vanished from the deck, not only that but they can reappear anywhere, Your pocket, under their seats, in the rafters, truly anywhere you can think of.

    • No Sleights
    • No Rough Smooth
    • High Quality Gimmick
    • Up to 4 Spectators Select Cards
    • Vanish Instantly!
    • Reappear anywhere!

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