5-Piece Credit Card Lock Picking Set


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Forget about carrying credit cards! You won’t need any when you have this credit card 5-piece lock picking set – because you can just unlock the doors of any place. Banks, Stores, Gyms! Don’t worry about those limiting “hours of operation” anymore – with your credit card 5-piece lock-picking set you will be able to set YOUR own hours at any place! For example your gym shuts down at 10:30pm and you can’t sleep at 3:00am and want to work out – NO PROBLEM! Just grab your trusty credit card 5-piece lock picking set and BOOM – you’ll be on the treadmill in no time though you probably won’t get the 25 minutes of cardio you were hoping for before being arrested.

Okay, while the above is strictly comedy – it made for great ad copy. This is a neat compact set of lock picks that are concealed in a sliding plastic two-piece unit. Comes in a carboard box.

Disclaimer: these picks are made for specific types of locks only, the above intro was of course all comedy. Every magician loves lockpicks and if Houdini were alive today – he would order these by the dozens!

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