A Billet To The Brain – DVD and Gimmick

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“The method is diabolically clever and the effect on the audience is incredible. There is NO WAY back for them.” -Doc Eason

“A Billet to the Brain is Great! It’s a fooler that can be carried around in your pocket with ordinary items. This Yet ANOTHER great effect by LokI” -Kyle Marlett

Espionage based mentalism for everyone.

When you take proven methods from espionage and mentalism and combine them with a series of diabolical, logical loopholes and apply them to a common gadget that will become your best friend in clandestine activities…You get a system that can extract information from your target anytime-anywhere.

USEFUL information you can use from a mind reading exercise to a book-test.

And the best part…They will BELIEVE that your eyes were covered and closed the WHOLE time.

Now Open Your Eyes…And Take “A Billet to the Brain”.

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