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2 Chapter One: A Fun Kinda Guy
4 Biological Shuffle: Magician shuffles fingers into deck, each finger on top of King, Kings back into deck, spectator’s hand on kings, more cards on top of spectator’s hand, magician’s hand on top of that, more cards on magician’s hand, four Kings found in top of stack.
11 Bee Bop: Card case does a back flip onto the deck, changing one card for another.
15 Language of the Cards: Three cards selected, first two revealed by arranging tabled cards into letters 7H, 10S, last selection dealt to but card dealt to is wrong, card split into three, all three selections.
22 Hi There Baby Cakes: Magician writes name on one card, phone number on another, spectator of desired sex holds name card, phone number travels to join name on card.

26 Chapter Two: A Gutsy Kinda Guy
28 Double Suicide: Spectator holds King of Hearts at fingertips, Ace of Spades balanced on back of hand, deck placed on Ace, Ace travels to join King.
32 Bad Estimate: Card selected, magician counts down seven cards, selection not there but on top, selection buried in pack, seven cards counted again, still not there, seven cards counted again, no sign of selection, magician cuts seven card packet in half, gives half to spectator, magician and spectator somehow have one card each, two cards put together, counted one after the other seven times, selection appears.
37 Mike’s Dwarf by Mike Powers: Deck removed from case and top card given to spectator, spectator attempts to return card to deck only to see that deck has shrunk to half size.
40 Mr. Biller’s Wild Ride (Steve Biller): Four Jacks removed from deck, they turn face up one at a time, then change to four Aces, one Jack removed from magician’s pocket, one from deck, one from card case, spectator sitting on fourth one.
45 Hard Core Travelers: Four Aces travel one at a time from magician’s hand to table.

54 Chapter Three: A Semi-Impressive Kinda Guy: The next three effects are designed to flow from one right into the other to form a long routine.
57 The Perfectionist: Magician attempts to re-distribute blacks and reds in the deck into a more random arrangement, cards separated into two red packets and two black packets, each red shuffled into black, cards spread to show one half red, other half black.
61 Transposed Perfectionist: Deck divided into half red, half black, spectator given blacks, magician looks at reds and finds they’re now all blacks, spectator holding reds.
64 Mixed Up Perfectionist: Reds split into two packets, blacks into two packets, one red shuffled into one black, other red into other black, packets ribbon spread to show blacks and reds segregated again, magician squares up packets, snaps fingers, spreads packets again, red and black now mixed in each.

68 Chapter Four: A Strange Kinda Guy
70 Pyramid: King displayed and placed face down on table, deck placed on top of King, leaving behind three cards in Magician’s hand in shape of triangular prism, deck cut and cut completed, deck riffled at prism, which is dismantled to show King.
76 Screwed Deck: At end of performance, magician unscrews deck into two halves (like a pool cue) and places them into a velvet lined box
82 Chocolate Coin (P.H. and Dick Ryan): Coin borrowed from spectator has bit of wrapping peeled off to reveal chocolate center, peeled bit is restored, coin returned to spectator.
85 Twilight Restoration (Doug Bennett): “A torn card and its mirrored image become one.”
90 Headache: King of Hearts sticks sword into head.
94 Whirlpool: Card torn in spiral fashion, restored.

100 Chapter Five: A Never-Satisfied Kinda Guy
102 Bizarre Penetration: Card openly penetrates two others, one at a time, then both at once.
108 Bizarre Stretch: Card placed crosswise between two others visibly stretches.
115 Bizarre Shrink: Card placed crosswise between two others grasped by spectator, other two cards removed as spectator’s visibly shrinks.
119 Interlaced Vanish II: Aces interlaced between Jacks vanish.

124 Chapter Six: A Determined Kinda Guy
126 Instant Replay: A flourish in which one card shoots off deck into magician’s other hand, then jumps back to top of deck.
130 Simple Switch: (Requires mastery of Instant Replay flourish), card in one hand changed for card on top of deck without bringing hands together.

Publisher: New York: Tannen Magic Ltd.

Publication Date: 1983

Book Condition: very good

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