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More fabulous magic meticulously described and illustrated. Included are Eric’s personal routines for such classics as the Linking Rings, Cups and Balls, Sympathetic Silks, and Multiplying Billiard Balls.

You will also find dozens of original effects suitable for the children’s performer, men­talist, cabaret, and close-up worker-plus pages of magical history as told by the man who lived it, Eric Lewis.Learn the true story behind the Light Bulbs from Mouth. Gain fur­ther insight into some of magic’s most colorful personalities. It has been said that when completed, “this trilogy will represent the largest and finest collection of original magic ever published.”

Contents (from book ToC):

10 Publisher’s Note
11 Introduction (Goodliffe)
13 Foreword

15 Chapter I The New Routine
17 One-Man Nest of Boxes
19 The Crazy Imaginary Four-Ace Trick
22 Black Magic
26 The Ace, the Seven and the Queen
29 Jumbo Halve-lt

33 Chapter II Towards Neo-Classics
34 The Diminishing Silk Production
38 The Lighted Bulbs from Mouth
42 The Fantastic Frame
50 Penelease

53 Chapter III The Personality Patter Caper

61 Chapter IV Six Requested Routines
61 The Die in Box
66 Thimble Routine
70 Cones and Silks
73 The Restored Bill
77 Fiddling with Ropes
82 The Clock Dial

89 Chapter V Another Six
89 The Cups and Balls
95 Billiard Balls
99 Into Thin Air
103 Mass Production
107 Chinese Sugar
111 Televidu

115 Chapter VI Wartime Wizardry
119 ‘Orrible Murder
122 The Fig-Leaf Chest
125 The Peacock Fantasy

131 Chapter VII The Magic Of Wartime Friends
132 Cutting it Short
133 A Cut and Restored Rubber Band
135 The Game of Hijacker
136 The Chameleon Knife Routine
142 Telepathic Card Projection
146 Hypnotizing a Rabbit
147 The Card Guillotine

151 Chapter VIII The Elevator-And Things
155 The “Slam-Through” Glass Vanish
157 An “Elevated” Magic Welding
160 The Elevated Vanishing Bowl
163 Thanks to Goldin

167 Chapter IX ‘The Foundation Of All Good Things’
168 The Sympathetic Silks
172 Tricolor
173 Rotund Follow-My-Leader
178 A Globate “Everywhere and Nowhere”
180 The Acrobatic Balls
182 The Linking Rings
188 You’re Always Right
193 Bruce Elliott Showeded The Way

199 Chapter X Sledgehammers
200 Nuts!
203 Controlled Color Coincidence
208 A Casket of Boxes

213 Chapter XI Olla Podrida
214 Llanfair-pwllgwyn, etc.
218 The Chronicle of the Sympathetic Cubes
227 The Final Card Finalized
229 A Perplexing Puzzle
232 A Torn, Restored and Rising Card
236 The “Yellow-art” Tubes
237 “I Forgot!”
241 A Quite Remarkable Cigarette
243 Garden-Parties, Fetes—and Kama

249 Chapter XII The Return Of Light

251 Appendix
253 Index

Publisher: Magical Publications
Pages: 254
Location: Pasadena, CA, USA
Dimensions: 8″x10″
Date: 1981
Binding: hardbound

Note: Ad copy and images are used with permission from Andy Martin – www.martinsmagic.com

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