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Incredible Quality For The Price! 

We have done very well with Brian Watson’s high-end version of this effect titled Mental Logs Outdone. But for those that are looking for more affordable version of this classic—this is for you!

The performer displays four sticks that features four different numbers listed top to bottom (column style). He calls upon a volunteer participant to take part in this effect, asking them to mix up the sticks and arrange them in any order they choose. Once this is done, the magician predicts out loud, a specific number. Upon waiting for the participant to add up the sums and confirm the total—all are shocked to learn the magician’s prediction is exactly the sum of the numbers!

This effect can be repeated many times with a different total number. This is pocket-sized magic that is easy to carry, packs a punch and as stated can be repeated! Perfect ice breaker at parties or a great way to try to get free drinks at a bar!

Crafted from hardwood with bright yellow and black paint and several coats of gloss applied. As yourself, could you make a set of this quality at this price?

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