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Bill Trotter Magic

Effect: A crowd pleaser for all ages!  One routine is the magician asked a participant to select a card from a deck and memorize it and then replaced it back to the deck.  The magician shuffles relentlessly so that the participants card is lost somewhere in the deck.  The performing magician can if so desired attempt a comedy routine where he announces a card out loud as the spectators chosen.  But when the magician asked the spectator to confirm his prediction is correct – it turns out IT IS NOT!   The magicians becomes frustrated and gives it one more chance and calls out the Four of Hearts!  Once again the participant shakes her head back and forth and loudly says – WRONG AGAIN!  Now the magician is confused and embarrassed.  He points to his table where is a fully inflated red balloon.  The magicians takes all the cards of the deck and starts to bend them back towards him which sets off a cascade of motion as all the cards begin to forcefully target the balloon  Then there is a POP and everyone screams!  But when they look up where the balloon was it now the spectators chosen card – the Six of Diamonds is not attached to the stand that was holding the balloon!  Thats’s right the card someone ended up INSIDE of the balloon!   Great entertaining and visual magic at its best.

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Condition: EXCELLENT  – Image is of the genuine article being offered.   Exceptionally well preserved.

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