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IMPORTANT: This Product Features Downloadable Instructions made available to you post-purchase.  Look for your confirmation of paid order e-mail and you will see where you can download files for both print and a short video instructional.  This information ALSO comes with the product too. 

From Ken Brooke and Mo Howarth... An Absolute Miracle! Easy to perform. Performer removes a wallet from his pocket, showing an envelope with a prediction that is inside! A spectator takes a deck of normal cards (no forcing, no gaffed decks) and shuffles them. The spectator deals off one card at a time, face down on top of each other, and counts down until he/she decides to stop! (They can stop where ever they desire). NO Al Koran deck used here. The spectator opens the wallet and takes out the prediction card and then turns over the card that they freely selected and VIOLA…the cards match! IMPOSSIBLE but true! Don’t miss out on this one!

  • You are left clean.
  • Any deck can be used.
  • No fake envelopes.
  • No palming or sleight of hand.
  • Leather wallet.
  • Perfect for trade shows.
  • Perfect for close-up or walk-around or table-hopping.
  • One of Joe’s favorites! A beautiful concept and professionally routined to stand the test of time! Everything supplied; wallet and routine both with printed instructions and also provides access to a video explanation by Joe Stevens.

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4 reviews for Absolutely Impossible Wallet – Ken Brooke

  1. Andy Martin

    A Great Routine and Wallet

    This is one of Joe’s favorites and I know why. The wallet is made of a soft high quality leather and is practical enough to use as your real wallet. The effect is beautifully clean and takes a second to set-up. Hand an ungimmicked deck to the spectator and have them shuffle the deck. They then count down cards one at a time and stop anytime – absolutely no force. The spectator can then open the wallet and pull out the prediction and it matches the card they stopped at.

    It is clean with no palming or tricky moves.

    Highly Recommended for walk around and trade shows!

  2. Tony Razzano

    This is a fine, fine device for making a prediction! On the video, Joe uses playing cards, which is very strong, but you can use anything that will fit the gimmick. I have used index cards(cut down a bit), folded paper( just regular paper( and photographs (which are also very powerful) The photos can be fun or emotional, depending on your routine. I have one that brings people to the verge of tears. Let your imagination go wild with The Absolutely Impossible Wallet! It looks good and is easy to use. It can be done close up or strolling/table hopping. Reset is quick and easy, and can be done going from group to group, and can be done with different results for each group. With the proper routine, can be done on stage. I REALLY like this wallet and use it all the time. Five stars!!!!

  3. rickymorgan43 (verified owner)

    This is a nicely made wallet cleverly gimmicked and will hold your credit cards and banknotes securely until needed.Why not use a blank deck of cards which the spectator deals one at a time onto the table-he stops on the ONLY card with a face which exactly matches the prediction card in the envelope which you have just removed from the wallet! Those who have purchased this clever wallet will be aware of the procedure.I highly recommend this wallet which has countless variations to anyone involved in magic.RICKY MORGAN from England

  4. David

    I have been using this for many years and you cannot beat this item, so effortless to do but so strong. Well worth the $40.

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