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I’ll have to admit when Dave told me about his new “Add A Number” effect and then followed it with it’s made from Solid Walnut and stainless steel – I was like – “WHAT?”  It just didn’t sound right to me and truthfully I was having a difficult time trying to create a mental picture of it (based on my experience with Add A Number wallets).  But then he sent me an image – and right away I knew – he had done it!  This makes the Add A Number effect so much more natural and classy.  Even better, it makes the lead in to perform – it seamless.  It is perfect for many of our clients who are professionals in Magic, Business, Law etc…

A sealed envelope which contains a prediction is sitting in plain sight. You then pull out a small writing pad and ask a spectator to jot down a three-digit number. He then gives the pad to someone else who, in turn, writes down a three-digit number. After a third person from the audience has done this, you take the pad and pass it on to a fourth person on the other side of the room. You ask him to add up the three sets of numbers that were chosen at random. To the astonishment of your audience the sum of those three sets of numbers is equal to the number that you predicted, written on a piece of paper sealed in the envelope in full view all the time.

This wonderful utility prop looks like something you would see on a Doctor or lawyers desk but it’s specially made to switch numbers, letters words, etc. Completely self-working.

This ingenious prop is entirely made from scratch, this is not a modified desk pad.

The Victorian Add A Number is made from Solid walnut, with stainless steel ball chain.


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