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Stevens Magic is excited to finally be working with Iain Dunford!  He has an incredible sense of style and substance, and comes highly recommended! 

A method for giving a character analysis/reading – that can be combined with graphology or many other systems, though designed to stand alone. You can present this as psychologically driven, psychic or something inbetween. You can also use this in various mentalism presentations too – giving people reasons as to WHY they picked certain words. You will be able to give a quick two minute reading, or a more thorough one – depending on your circumstances.

iian dunford

Joshua Quinn…
“it was the best reading of its type (short-ish, general character reading) that I’ve ever received. Furthermore, the system is practical, easy to learn, and easy to incorporate with any other systems you might also use. I would recommend it even to people who are already familiar with Richard Webster’s original ideas and Neal Scryer’s more recent take, because Iain’s interpretation offers something different than either of those.”

the hugely missed Ron Martin
Ron Martin – “I figured that I’d pretty much mined all of this territory until there was nothing left to say with my ‘Palm Readers Notebook.’ Still, I have always hoped that someone would come along and find something new. Very few have even come close! And now . . . THIS! You have found new veins to mine . . and you’ve found NEW things to say to the client! Things worth saying rather than homogenized generalities. You’ve raised the bar for the next generation of readers! Thank you for this! Highly recommended.

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