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New Books Arrive Oct. 5th – 2018!

This Time – It’s Personal!  Limited to 100 Units – Each Signed by Mark Edward!Stevens Magic Emporium is excited to continue our partnership with Mark Edward, who is without question one of the foremost authorities on Magick and Psychic Entertainment. Mark Edward is the go-to-guy for expert analysis in the field. He consults for television and movie production companies, writes as a journalist on psychic matters and tours world-wide as a lecturer for good reasons – he has fully immersed himself in every genre!

In Mark Edward Wilson’s own words…. Hot off the presses: “Against the Tide.”

“The story of Margaret Wilson, Scottish Martyr …and the ghostly phenomena that follow her. Margaret was a 18 year-old Scottish woman martyred in 1685 by being tied to a post in the Bay of Solway, Scotland for refusing to kiss the King of England’s ring, preferring to drown for her right to worship who and where she wanted. Very heroic, very powerful ….and very frightening. Just in time for the 333rd anniversary of her death on 11 May, 2018. This is a special book.

“Against the Tide” is a full séance piece including a Dark Séance. This séance is different from anything I have written before as it is based on historic events and my oldest known relative, Margaret Wilson. (Hence the authorship on the title reverts back to my true name Mark Edward Wilson.)

As a writer and performer, creating this séance was extremely cathartic. It resonates as a bit of a social comment as well. As such, this time it’s personal. Based on true incidents from 1685 and in my own life. I invite you to Google Margaret Wilson Martyr for more.

I have written this entire project as a template for anyone who may want to do a little genealogical study and perhaps unearth their own family skeletons from their closets. A séance always rings truer when it’s based on real people and events. The framework story is all true and relates to actual experiences I have experienced in Edinburgh, Scotland over the last twenty years. Haunted? Hell yes!

The final few minutes of the Dark Séance is the most visceral manifestation I have ever performed and is guaranteed never forgotten by anyone attending. Written-up and created for a May 11th, 2018 séance I will perform in honor of the 333rd anniversary of her untimely death. Color covers, 60 duo pages on special heavy-coated paper stock, fully photo illustrated, complete instructions, white coil bound. Ten effects, plus script and backstory for one of the most captivating tales of courage in Scottish history. “Limited to 100 signed and numbered copies.”

‘Mark is the world’s leading expert on séances, and I’m excited that he’s sharing his techniques and secrets in this book. I first met Mark almost forty years ago, and have watched him go from strength to strength ever since. I’ve watched him on TV on several occasions, and have read virtually everything he’s written on séances and other areas of the psychic world. Unfortunately, I was never able to see his séance at the Magic Castle. This book helps fill that gap, as it’s the next best thing to seeing him perform. Mark is an excellent writer, and his voice and sense of humor come across in every word he writes. If you have even the slightest interest in séances, you need this book’. – Richard Webster



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