Airborne Pro Wine by G SPARKS


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Product Description

“Clearly the worlds’ quietest airborne.”


Sparks got his notice in magic by producing this incredible effect which has sold thousands and thousands over the years and with good reason.  To this day, it is still one of the most visually powerful magic effects one can perform.  It always will be as it defies gravity and logic.  But time has provided us with better options and tools and the Airborne Pro Wine is exactly an example of this.  The new gravity-fed hook-up is clear, quiet and you can start with the bottle’s top on. This top is made for a green screw-top wine bottle. Both the gimmick pour top and weight are clear like. And with a great looking wine glass.

Plus the how to link.

  • Whisper Silent Action
  • No Top Clear Gimmick as in the previous version.
  • Made to work on ANY screw top wine bottle.
  • Made in the US



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