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From Wayne Rogers: First the Akkelian Envelopes. The packaging looks great at first glance, but shiny red lettering on black background, in a small font is hard to read. The card containing the link to the on line instruction is also hard to read. Once you get there, the instructions are clear and the two routines explained well.

The use of the printing of the security pattern inside the envelopes is deceptive and cunning for those with good eye sight. Spidey’s two envelope routine is great because one revelation cancels the other out. Also his suggestion of combining his envelope with the Invisible Deck adds another dimension.

The envelopes are nicely gimmicked in a way laypeople would never suspect. Apart from my personal eyesight handicap, the Akkelian Envelopes are a great addition to the mentalist’s arsenal.

Akkelian Envelopes are a powerful, practical mentalism tool that enable you to instantly divine exactly what your spectator has written down – words, numbers, or even drawings. “If James Bond decided to become a mentalist, this is the envelope Q would design for him.” – Richard Sanders

Spidey’s mentalism work has been some of the most popular, powerful material on theory11, and Akkelian Envelopes are no exception. Straight out of Spidey’s working repertoire, these envelopes allow you to peek at whatever your spectator writes, under seemingly impossible conditions. There are no “moves” or sleights involved – just natural handling made possible by Spidey’s well-designed utility device. “This is my favorite utility device that I’ve ever created. If I could use only one mentalism prop for the rest of my life – this would be the one.” Spidey

Any word, any number, any simple drawing. No matter what you ask your spectator to write down, you can read their mind! Taught to you by the creator himself, Bedros “Spidey” Akkelian, in 30 minutes of HD instructional video.

Although the possible applications are endless, we have included two full routines that Spidey uses in his professional work. Includes 20 gimmick envelopes and 5 ungimmicked envelopes.

Special thanks to Simon De Ladurantaye (original design) and Eric Dittelman (additional thoughts and handling).

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