Al Koran’s Professional Presentations – Estate – Book

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Al Koran only published a few books, but this one is our favourite. It was penned by Hugh Miller in 1967 and contains what we think is Al Koran’s best work.

Al Koran was a mentalist and magician who received considerable fame in his time and this book contains a great insight into the material that he performed. Of the 17 effects in this book, some classics that you’ll definitely want to check out are:

The Gold Medallion: one of Koran’s most famous pieces. The Koran Medallion is a mentalism classic!

Princess Card Trick: not the Princess Card Trick that you might be thinking of. Here the performer manages to find 10 selected cards.

Ring On Stick: a borrowed ring penetrates a wooden stick, even while two participants hold onto each end.

Birthday Card Trick – the performer guesses birthdates of audience members. What a great, clear effect.

Note Under Cup – our favorite Koran effect. You allow someone to secretly place a crumpled up bill under any of three upturned cups and you manage to identify which cup the bill is under every single time.

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