Albenice Card Rise Revisited – Michael Baker

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Michael Baker’s Latest Miracle Exclusively For Stevens Magic…

Quite possibly one of the finest card rises ever created! No electronics! After three cards are selected, the magic begins. Very entertaining with great audience participation. The action of swinging the houlette does all the work! The effect is excellent for stage or parlor performances. Up to three cards (poker sized) are selected by members of the audience, replaced into the deck and shuffled. The deck is then placed into an ornate houlette. Attached to the houlette are two long ribbons. The magician holds one, while a spectator (or assistant) holds the other. They begin to gently sway the houlette back and forth, like a swing. As this happens, the chosen cards slowly and mysteriously rise at a time from the houlette. This is probably the finest version of this effect ever offered. The lyre-shaped houlette is handcrafted by Michael Baker from solid mahogany and solid brass.


Its elegant Victorian style is perfect for the most discerning performer. The entire piece of apparatus has a very regal feel and appearance. The King Blue satin ribbons are specially “creped” to give them a wavy texture.The ribbons taper at the ends and are adorned with decorative beads and hand tied gold lame tassels.

NOTE: The photo above does not accurately show how far the distance can be between the houlette and persons holding the ribbons. Maximum distance is  6 feet, the ribbons on each side are 3 feet each. You will truly enjoy performing this excellent, professional effect.

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