Albenice Serpent Silk


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This is for the SILK only.  We also offer an economy silk and reel set – see bottom of page for options. 

Professional Momme Count Silks. A Serpent Silk Streamer four feet long and six inches wide is displayed and a knot tied in its center. Performer holds the streamer at one end and COMMANDS it to untie itself! The lower tip moves upward and in a slow, snake-like fashion, passes through the loop and unties the knot!

A classic from the golden days of magic! A visual effect seen easily from the stage as well.For those of you who have seen this effect, you know the power of it! For those who have not seen it… you’ve missed a wonderful
piece of magic!

If you can tie a knot in a silk, you can perform this effect! This was one of Jay Marshall’s favorite MC effects. You will love it too, as it gets an excellent audience reaction. Limited supply and these are original Serpent Silks.

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